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Viciunai UAB was established in 1991 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The company is involved in international cargo transportation. During its 20 years of activity the company acquired its own equipment, over 110 trucks, from which the basis is formed by the trucks complying with Euro5 and Euro6 standards.

Viciunai UAB is specialized in temperature controlled logistics.

Main transported cargo:

  • frozen and chilled fish & meat products;
  • fruit and vegetables;
  • flowers;
  • chocolate;
  • various beverages;
  • Production of medical industry;
  • Cargo, not requiring temperature restrictions (furniture, wood, peat. etc.)

Main technical features of refrigerated semi trailers:

  • controled temperature from -25 °C to +25 °C;
  • Capacity of 33 europallets and possibility to change pallets;
  • Three-axes semi trailers;
  • Carried weight – 23.5 t.


  • all vehicles have the installed Global Positioning System (GPS), which allows keeping constant contact with drivers and receiving precise information on vehicle movement and location of the last 24 hours.
  • drivers are supplied with GSM phones, so they can be reached 24/24 7/7;
  • semi trailers have the installed temperature fixing devices (thermographs), which allow controlling the temperature of carried cargo during the entire transportation; possibility to print temperature tile on the road.
  • all employees of the company are constantly improving by different education and qualification raising programmes. The company Vičiūnai is member of Lithuanian National Association of Carriers by Road Linava; it constantly participates in qualification raising events organized for carriers and is a multi winner.
  • we can offer the most optimum cargo delivery route within the shortest time. 

Transportation geography: Baltic States, Middle Europe, Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The company employs 229.

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Viciunai Group trademarks.

  • Rido kiaušiniai
  • Trejos girnos
  • Brum Brum
  • ESVA
  • Columbus
  • VICI