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The company Viciunai ir Partneriai UAB was established in 2002 in Plungė town (Lithuania).

The company employs 540 people.

Viciunai ir Partneriai UAB is one of the largest and most up-to-date fish product processing companies in the country. The company’s products can be found in the shelves of the largest European retailers.

The company’s products are divided into the following groups:

  • Salmon products,
  • Gourmet seafood,
  • Fresh fish,
  • Frozen fish,
  • Salted fish,
  • Hot smoked fish,
  • Cold smoked fish,
  • Matured, brined herring fillet products,
  • Culinary products (salads with products from surimi and with fish),
  • Meat and potato salads,
  • Products from surimi in oil.

Viciūnai ir Partneriai UAB offers an assortment exceeding 1000 items to the market.

Products manufactured by Viciūnai ir Partneriai, UAB are sold in the following countries: Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, United Stares of America, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

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Viciunai Group trademarks.

  • ESVA
  • Columbus
  • VICI