Activities / Food productionVichiunai-RUS OOO

The company Vichiunai-RUS OOO was established in 2002 in Sovetsk city (Russia).

The company employs 1500 people.

Vichiunai-RUS OOO is one of the largest manufacturers of surimi products in the world, products are sold in the Russian Federation, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and other countries.

Vichiunai-RUS OOO activity is divided into:

  • Manufacture of surimi products: crab sticks, crab meat, noodles, surimi shrimps, crab claws, crab sausage, and other products,
  • Manufacture of shrimp: cooked and cleaned shrimp,
  • Manufacture of fish products and seafood: herring (smoked, brined) and its products, salt, smoked, frozen fish, seafood in brine, oil, salads, etc.,
  • Manufacture of fish culinary products: fish fingers, fish burgers.

The portfolio of products manufactured by the company consists of more than 1500 items.

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Viciunai Group trademarks.

  • Rido kiaušiniai
  • Trejos girnos
  • Brum Brum
  • ESVA
  • Columbus
  • VICI