About usTransparency Policy

Viciunai Group as a significant part of Lithuania, international business and society, and conscious of its responsibility towards customers, suppliers, employees and society, undertakes in its activities to comply with the requirements of national and international legal acts, business ethics norms, transparent business principles and corruption prevention policies. 

This Transparency Policy is an integral part of the vision and values of the Viciunai Group, a part of the quality of food safety and environmental, ethical and social responsibility and applies to all employees affiliated with the enterprises of Viciunai Group (including non-group companies, but any of the group companies which has shares of that company) through the employment relations; as well as the company's relations with third parties (customers, suppliers, partners, state or municipal institutions or bodies, etc.). It is publicly available and accessible to our customers, suppliers, business partners, the public and stakeholders.


In an effort to prevent any possible manifestation of corruption, we commit ourselves to the following principles of transparent and ethical business in our work:

·         Compliance with the Provisions of the Law and the Standards of Conduct

In conducting our activities, we adhere to the requirements of national and international laws and other applicable laws, including Corruption Prevention.

In situations where this Policy, laws or other legislation does not establish appropriate standards of conduct, we are acting in such a way that our actions are in accordance with acceptable social and ethical conduct.

·         Transparency of Business Accounting and Publicity of Information

We guarantee that our activities and goals are transparent and clearly stated. We disclose information about the activities of the company in accordance with the requirements of the country's legal acts and ensuring the protection from disclosure of confidential information and interests of all interested parties.

The Company's business accounting is accurate, all business transactions are fair, strictly adhering to all applicable laws and business accounting standards.

·         Prohibition of Trade in Influence and Bribery

In the activities of the Company we strictly prohibit any forms of Trade in Influence and Bribery, we do not offer and do not provide bribes, nor do we ask for and do not accept them.

After identifying the effects of the Trade in Influence, or upon receipt of a request to give or offer to accept a Bribe, the person responsible for the prevention of corruption in the company and law enforcement authorities are informed.

·         Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

We avoid and do not tolerate situations in which a conflict between employee's responsibility towards the company and his/her personal interests may arise. An employee must avoid any circumstances that could harm the reputation of the company or other tangible and intangible interests of the company.  Business transactions are concluded to best suit the company's interests.

In relations with the public sector, we act transparently, in conditions of free competition, avoiding possible conflicts of private and public interests and any signs of trade impact.

·         Nepotism Intolerance

The Company does not patronize the direct subordination and control of family members, relatives, friends and other related persons. Employees are selected honestly in terms of their competencies and achievements, and the working conditions and remuneration of the employees of the same function are comparable and corresponds to their work and competence.

·         Transparent Gift Policy

In order to avoid any misunderstandings or ambiguity, we explicitly declare that we do not give or accept any gifts that could be understood as promotion or reward for a decision, favours or exceptional assessment.

For the business relationship to be maintained only symbolic gifts of representational nature shall be permitted for corporate purposes.

Through the information provided to our customers and suppliers about transparent gift policy, we help ourselves and them choose the appropriate course of action.

·         Support Provision

The Company does not tolerate the provision of support, which may be understood as a measure of bribery or trade in influence.

·         Transparent Purchases

All company purchases are carried out in a transparent manner, we guarantee suppliers free competitive conditions. Suppliers, their products and services are selected only according to the criteria set out in the internal procedures and any forms of bribery and corruption are intolerable.


Viciunai Group management undertakes to devote the necessary resources to implement these Corruption Prevention Policies and undertakes to adhere to these principles of transparent business and to constantly maintain compliance with these obligations in the daily activities of the Viciunai Group companies. 

Company’s management and the heads of structural units, in their actions, formulate the policy standard of conduct provided for in the Policy, ensuring that the activities in their areas of responsibility are carried out through the proper implementation of this Policy. Company heads of structural units are responsible for the proper and signed acquaintance of subordinate employees and other accountable persons with the Policy and the internal documents of the Company implementing it.  

We constantly monitor compliance with these principles of the policy and implement specific monitoring and control programs. Violations found are addressed to the direct manager or the responsible person appointed by the company. Additionally, in order to ensure the implementation of Policy’s provisions, prevention of violations, transparency and trust, there is a trust line installed in the Company at +37052103300 and an e-mail at transparency@vici.eu for the purpose of confident reporting any Policy violations and obtaining the necessary information related to its performance.

The Company guarantees the confidentiality of the persons reporting violations and takes all measures to protect the parties reporting violations Policy from any possible negative consequences.

We ensure that all potential violations of the Policy are properly investigated, evaluated and decisions are made. When measures are found that do not comply with the Policy or are indicative of Corruption, disciplinary measures, including termination of employment relations, may be applied.

We seek to ensure compliance with this Policy by all its suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, consumers, consultants, brokers, beneficiaries, persons acting on behalf of the Company and other business partners.